What we do


We love video. We can provide everything from a freelance videographer for a day through to full pre- and post-production. We use a range of cameras and software to ensure we create videos that speak to your audience, not just anyone. From highly technical to creative, we can ensure your business or project gets the video it deserves. See more at our portfolio page, or contact us.


If you need a videographer for a day, a week or even on an ad-hoc basis, we can provide a range of experience. We’ve worked with various companies throughout the UK on a range of video projects, and can offer advice, quotes or just an ideas consultation free of charge or obligation. We love working in teams and thrive on getting creative. Contact us to talk about whatever you need.


Storytelling comes in many different forms, and great customers deserve great content. We can provide SEO-friendly, engaging written content for blogs, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Yell, Etsy, you name it. Whether it’s technical by nature, or you’ve got something more creative in mind, talk to us about what you need for advice, quotes or just an ideas consultation free of charge or obligation

We offer a wide range of video and content services, just some of which are listed below. If you don’t see what you’re looking for here though, please do contact us – we can help!

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Who we are

Meteor Productions are a small team with big ideas. We love to tell stories in engaging and captivating ways. We help your audience get to know you and your business in a way that makes them come back time and time again.

PAUL SAUNDERS // Paul’s passion for storytelling took him through a degree in acting and directing, followed by jobs working in and around the industry. However, the creation of visual media remained his strongest suit; and, when he started making films for himself, found he couldn’t stop. He then started making them for friends and family, and when word got out – he found a business too. He now makes films for start-ups and large companies alike, and still loves what he does.

CARMEL ANDERSON // A year after Paul began, Carmel joined the team. She brought a passion for organisation, content creation and marketing that has been pieced together over several roles, but that found a home at Meteor Productions. She creates visuals, websites, marketing materials and phone calls, so if you speak to her – say hello! Whether it’s branded materials or social media help, Carmel is our go-to.